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D12 Petty Criminals

D12 Petty Criminals

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Meet the Quirky Cast of D12 Petty Criminals!

D12 Petty Criminals is your ultimate collection of 12 colorful, low-level (and hilariously incompetent) criminals, perfect for spicing up your tabletop RPG games. Whether you need a minor bounty for your characters to chase or a memorable NPC for them to meet, this zine has you covered!


Why You'll Love It:

  • Memorable Encounters: From joyriding halflings and pie thieves to an Orc running illegal beetle races, each character adds unique flavor to your game.
  • Complete Character Sheets: Each criminal comes with detailed character sheets compatible with 5E Dungeons & Dragons, including stats, backgrounds, and a visual description.
  • Easy Integration: Use the handy bounty sheet handouts to effortlessly incorporate these characters into your campaign.

What's Included?

  • 12 Creative Criminals: Each with unique stats, backgrounds, and visual descriptions to bring them to life.
  • 5E Compatibility: Ready-to-use character sheets specifically designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, but easily adaptable to any fantasy RPG system.
  • Character Lore: Background lore for each character, helping you portray them convincingly in your games.
  • Bounty Sheet Handouts: Printable handouts to give your players, making the hunt for these criminals more engaging and immersive.

How It Works:

  1. Roll a D12: Determine which quirky criminal your players will encounter next.
  2. Introduce the Character: Use the detailed descriptions and stats to seamlessly integrate the character into your game.
  3. Enjoy the Chaos: Watch as your players interact with these low-level criminals, adding humor and excitement to your sessions.

Bring a touch of humor and a lot of personality to your games with D12 Petty Criminals. Add this zine to your collection and ensure your players have encounters they won’t forget!

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