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D20 Wartime Rumours - PDF Version

D20 Wartime Rumours - PDF Version

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D20 Lovecraftian Wartime Rumours: Uncover the Shadows of the Great War in Your RPG Campaigns

Immerse yourself in the eerie aftermath of the Great War with "D20 Lovecraftian Wartime Rumours," a compact yet potent collection designed to infuse your Lovecraftian tabletop RPGs with an atmosphere of mystery and historical intrigue. This zine offers 20 carefully crafted rumours by guest writer Ben Jarvie that blend wartime events with elements of cosmic horror, perfect for game masters seeking to enrich their settings with depth and suspense.

Features of D20 Lovecraftian Wartime Rumours:

  • Themed Rumours: Each rumour is steeped in the authentic context of the Great War, mingled with the unnerving essence of Lovecraftian horror, providing a unique narrative flavor.
  • Versatile Story Seeds: Whether serving as mere background noise or the foundation of a harrowing quest, these rumours are designed to inspire and provoke curiosity, leading to unforgettable adventures and mysteries.
  • Engaging Historical Blend: Integrates historical wartime elements with the surreal and otherworldly, offering a rich backdrop for storytelling that captivates and unnerves.

"D20 Lovecraftian Wartime Rumours" is your gateway to a world where history and horror intertwine, where every piece of whispered gossip holds the potential to unravel into a journey filled with intrigue and otherworldly dread. Elevate your Lovecraftian RPG sessions with these wartime whispers and watch as your players navigate a landscape shrouded in secrets and shadows.

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