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D12 Petty Criminals VTT Asset Pack

D12 Petty Criminals VTT Asset Pack

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Dive into the gritty world of D12 Petty Criminals with our exclusive VTT Asset Pack, designed to bring your virtual tabletop adventures to life! This pack is tailored for Game Masters and players alike, offering an immersive experience with 24 meticulously crafted assets.

What's Included:

  • 12 Unique Character Tokens: Each token is carefully designed to represent the diverse and colourful personalities of the petty criminals featured in the D12 Petty Criminals zine. Perfect for adding depth and visual flair to your game sessions.
  • 12 Pieces of Character Artwork: Enhance your storytelling with high-quality artwork that captures the essence of each character. These illustrations can be used for character sheets, handouts, or simply to set the scene in your campaign.


  • High-Resolution Images: All assets are provided in high resolution, ensuring they look great on any screen and provide the detail needed for an immersive gaming experience.
  • Versatile Use: Compatible with all major Virtual Tabletop (VTT) programs, including Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Foundry VTT, and more.
  • Instant Download: Get immediate access to your assets upon purchase, so you can start integrating them into your campaign right away.

Why Choose D12 Petty Criminals VTT Asset Pack?

  • Inspired by the Zine: Directly inspired by the characters and stories from the D12 Petty Criminals zine, these assets provide a seamless thematic extension for fans and new players alike.
  • Artistic Quality: Created by talented artists with a passion for tabletop gaming, ensuring each piece not only serves a functional purpose but also adds artistic value to your game.
  • Expand Your World: Whether you're running a one-shot or a full campaign, these assets help you create a richer, more engaging world for your players to explore.

Add the D12 Petty Criminals VTT Asset Pack to your cart today and transform your virtual tabletop sessions with characters that leap off the screen and into the hearts of your players. Unleash your creativity and tell your stories with style

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