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The Adventurers Hoard - PDF Version

The Adventurers Hoard - PDF Version

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Say Goodbye to Boring Loot, Plunder The Adventurer's Hoard Instead!

As a Game Master, you’re juggling a million things at once, trying to run an epic game, and all your players want to know is what's in the chest in the corner. The Adventurer's Hoard is here to save the day with over 140 pages of loot tables and items!

Next time your players loot a chest or search a skeleton, just open The Adventurer's Hoard zine, find the relevant loot container, and roll a D20. Easy!


What’s Included?

  • 10 Assorted Chests: Bandit chests, submerged chests from shipwrecks, and even cultist chests.
  • 10 Assorted Skeletons: Perfect for dungeons—includes beast skeletons, fellow dungeon delvers, mages, and wood elves.
  • 10 Household Containers: Common household loot for those players who love to pillage peasant homes—cabinets, jewelry boxes, drying racks, and more.
  • 10 Pockets: Belonging to various unsuspecting victims of different backgrounds.
  • 10 Pouches: Found lying around or pillaged from corpses.
  • 5 Graves: From lowly townsfolk to vanquished vampires.
  • 5 Noble Household Containers: High-value items from noble homes.
  • 5 Storefronts: Perfect for pilfering goods for your next adventure.
  • 5 Sewer Containers: Because your adventure will inevitably lead you there.
  • 5 Guild Houses: For the refined taste.
  • 5 Hidden Compartments: Perfect for the rogues in your party.

Each loot table contains 20 items, making it incredibly simple for you to determine what your players have looted with just a D20 roll.

Bonus: An appendix with expanded stats for over 60 items found in the loot tables, making them even more unique and memorable.

Upgrade your game and make looting fun again with The Adventurer's Hoard!

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