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D100 Rumours for Fantasy TTRPG's - PDF Version

D100 Rumours for Fantasy TTRPG's - PDF Version

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D100 Rumours for Fantasy TTRPGs: A Treasure Trove of Narrative Hooks and World-Building Secrets


Unveil a world of mystery and intrigue with "D100 Rumours for Fantasy TTRPGs," the essential resource for Game Masters seeking to enrich their fantasy tabletop roleplaying games, including Dungeons & Dragons. This zine is brimming with 100 creatively designed rumours, each a potential key to new adventures, conflicts, and storylines, meticulously crafted to blend seamlessly into any fantasy RPG setting.

What’s Inside the D100 Rumours Zine?

  • 60 General Rumours: Universal whispers and tales perfect for any location, from a noisy tavern to a silent carriage ride, offering endless opportunities to engage your players.
  • 10 Prison Rumours: Dark whispers from the dungeon depths, revealing escape routes or amnesty plots, ideal for adding tension and intrigue to confinement scenarios.
  • 10 Temple Rumours: Divine secrets and sacrilegious whispers, ranging from demon-possessed clergy to hidden holy relics, ready to challenge the faith and curiosity of your adventurers.
  • 10 Military Rumours: Strategic leaks from military camps or barracks, setting the stage for impending wars or uncovering spies, enriching your campaign with political and martial complexity.
  • 10 Mage Rumours: Arcane gossip hinting at tragic accidents or interdimensional portals, perfect for weaving magic and mystery into your narrative.

Designed for system-agnostic play, these rumours avoid specific names and locations, allowing you to adapt them effortlessly to your unique game world. Each rumour is a seedling of imagination, meant to sprout into full-blown quests or background lore, fueling your creative engine and driving player engagement.

Why Choose D100 Rumours for Fantasy TTRPGs?

  • Versatile and Engaging: Easily integrated into any fantasy tabletop roleplaying game to provide spontaneous plot twists and character-driven quests.
  • Creative Inspiration: Encourages imaginative storytelling and dynamic game sessions, keeping players enthralled and invested.
  • Ready-to-Use Content: Streamlines game preparation, helping you craft memorable gaming experiences with minimal effort.

"D100 Rumours for Fantasy TTRPGs" is your gateway to a richer, more vibrant tabletop experience, where every rumour holds the potential to unfold into epic tales of adventure, mystery, and magic. Engage your players, spark your imagination, and watch as casual chatter transforms into legendary quests and unforgettable storylines.

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