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D100 Lovecraftian Rumours - PDF Version

D100 Lovecraftian Rumours - PDF Version

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D100 Lovecraftian Rumours: Unearth Eldritch Secrets and Cosmic Mysteries for Your RPG Campaigns


Plunge into the abyss of the unknown with "D100 Lovecraftian Rumours," the perfect companion for any Lovecraftian-setting RPG. This zine is laden with 100 eerie and unsettling rumours, each a gateway to the bizarre and the uncanny, designed to immerse your players in a world where the line between reality and madness blurs.

Elevate Your Narrative with a Tapestry of Terror:

  • Discover lost ships shrouded in fog, unsettling behaviors in quiet diners, and whispers of the unspeakable lurking just out of sight. Each rumour in this zine serves as a potential plot thread, leading adventurers into the heart of cosmic horror.
  • While specific North American locales lend an authentic touch, these elements are versatile enough to be reimagined in any setting, ensuring a seamless fit into your unique game world.

Why "D100 Lovecraftian Rumours" is Essential for Your Gaming Table:

  • Thematic Consistency: Crafted to complement Lovecraftian and cosmic horror RPGs, these rumours deepen the atmospheric tension and thematic depth of your campaigns.
  • Adaptable Content: Generic enough for broad applicability yet rich in detail, these rumours can be tailored to fit your narrative, encouraging a personalized gaming experience.
  • Inspiration for the Imagination: Beyond mere whispers, each rumour is designed to seed stories, spur investigations, and challenge the sanity of your players, offering endless possibilities for adventure and dread.

Designed for game masters who wish to infuse their campaigns with the essence of Lovecraftian horror, "D100 Lovecraftian Rumours" offers a treasure trove of ideas that promise to spark intrigue and terror. Whether used to craft complex mysteries or to add layers of foreboding to your game world, these rumours are your key to a richer, more immersive roleplaying experience.

Embrace the eerie, the unexplained, and the outright horrifying with "D100 Lovecraftian Rumours," where every whisper and shadow holds the potential for madness and the macabre.

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